Dolly Parton and Over-Sized Buses Visit Down Under

Iconic country music star Dolly Parton is slipping. She made only two references to her most prized pneumatic assets during a press conference in Sydney on Thursday ahead of her Australian tour.

The first was when she fished a list of thank yous from her cleavage.

"You thought these were boobs? They're paper wads," she joked.

The second was to explain that very few men look her in the eye.

"I don't do anything to cover them up, do I?" she joked.

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But Australia's Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese got plenty of shout-outs from the "Queen Of Country" and a very special offer.

Albanese intervened to bring Parton's 46-foot long tour buses to Australia after Customs officials ruled they were too long and too wide for Australian roads.

"I especially thank Anthony Albanese, the minister of transport. He was so good to make sure we got my buses here," Parton said, referring to her over-sized motor homes.

"If he's here, come up here [and] I will smear lip gloss all over you."