Christie Brinkley: 'I’m doing the best I can'

Christie Brinkley says she doesn’t care if people compare how she looks to when she was in her Sports Illustrated heyday.

But she didn’t always feel like that: “Until I turned 50 . . . my weight kind of would go up and down with kids and having babies . . . then I would go to put on a bathing suit, and I’d go, ‘Oh gosh, I don’t look anything like my Sports Illustrated picture. People are going to go, oh see, I told you it’s all airbrushing.’”

She continued, “When I turned 50 . . . I felt like I had a license to say, ‘Cut me some slack. It doesn’t really matter.’ Now, at 62, I just really want to be healthy. I want to feel good. I want to just not be so self-conscious . . . like if my legs are a little flabbier or my upper arms dangle a little bit . . . I’m doing the best I can.”

The sassy supermodel, who looks just as good to us as she did at 20, said that after surviving a 1994 helicopter crash, she’s just happy to still be here. “I have a real appreciation for every single day.”

She’ll do a good deed on Saturday, hosting the St. Barth Hamptons gala, which benefits the Bridgehampton Historical Society.

This article originally appeared in New York Post's Page Six.