Camryn Manheim Has a Bone to Pick With President Obama

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In the wake of the Fort Hood shooting tragedy, Hollywood actress Camryn Manheim believes its time this country did something about further restricting who can obtain a deadly weapon.

“There should be vast limitations on gun policy and tons of restrictions on guns,” Manheim told Tarts at the Creative Arts Fair to support P.S. ARTS & restoration of arts education in public schools in Santa Monica on Sunday. “It's so devastating and anytime we lose a life to something outrageous it's devastating, but to feel you're in the safest place, protected by your army, it is so devastating and makes me want to cry right now. I cannot get up how messed up we are and how guns are available to anybody, it's outrageous.”

However fellow Tinseltowner Chris Klein doesn't believe we need to re-think our gun laws policy as a result of the tragedy.

“It happened at an army base and there are guns there,” Klein said. “My sister is actually a judge advocate general for the United States Air Force, so it's heartbreaking. Whenever unfortunate situations like that happen, it's heartbreaking for everyone involved. The service men and women from around this country and around the globe are doing the absolute best that they can and what we need to do is send them all the love and hope because they've got a tough job ahead.”

But back to Manheim and policies, it seems she's getting a bit frustrated with our President and his actions – or lack thereof.

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“I would like to see him be a little bit stronger on his decision with health care. I think we need a public option, it needs to be a strong public option and we need to have incentives for the health insurance companies to do better. I would like to have seen him act more swiftly while he had all the public's positive opinion on his side, it's just been drawn out and he's just trying to please everybody,” Manheim said. “He should go forward with his own plan and that's what I'd like to see happen. It's an impossible job for anybody, really. It's so corrupt and so messed up, and how does anyone step in after 8 years of George Bush and fix it up and make everybody happy? It's a long process and it's not going to be easy but I'll tell you this, I'd rather him be a one term president and put into action the ideals that he put forward in his campaign then a two-term President and make a lot of exceptions or compromises.”

And unlike most Hollywooders who feel at their best while flashing at least a little flesh, this 48-year-old likes to keep it covered.

“I feel sexiest when I'm fully clothed, when I put in an effort and I feel my best,” she added. “I look good if I'm going out, but there are all kinds of times I feel it. When I'm a great mom I feel sexy, when I've done a great performance.”