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Should U .S ., Europe expand sanctions against Russia?

Former U . S . Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst and Hussar & Co. Managing Director Thomas Frater on the escalating crisis in Ukraine.

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  1. America's $1.4 trillion Tuesday

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  2. Iran cries foul over US rejection of ambassador

    Tension rising over Obama administration's decision to deny a visa to Iran's choice for U.N. ambassador because of his role in the 1979 US Embassy hostage crisis

  3. Putin’s world: The view from Moscow

    Vladimir Putin’s aggressive move to seize Crimea and to threaten Ukraine has led commentators to call him unflattering names: unhinged leader, Cold Warrior, neo-fasc...

  4. Situation in Ukraine getting violent

    Senator John McCain with the latest on the crisis in Ukraine

  5. Should US get more involved in Ukraine?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  6. Can Obama scare supporters to the polls?

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  7. Horror of Syria's war displayed at UN

    WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Horrific images of corpses from Syria’s civil war, including shriveled bodies of detainees starved to death and others with their eyes gouged...

  8. Russia test new missile amid growing tensions over Ukraine

    Russia’s military carried out a flight test of a new multi-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile on Monday amid growing tensions with the United States over the...

  9. New video shows Al Qaeda fighters gathering in open

    What does it mean for group's presence?

  10. What’s next for Ukraine?

    Stratfor VP of global analysis Reva Bhalla on rising geopolitical tensions in Ukraine.

  11. Ukraine crisis escalates as Russian 'provocations' intensify

    How is U . S . responding to situation?

  12. Is Putin making President Obama look weak?

    Ukraine military clashes with pro-Russia militants; takes back airport

  1. Russian jet flies ‘provocatively’ close to U .S .S. Cook

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland on the latest in the crisis in Ukraine.

  2. Bales of cocaine with street value of $350M unloaded in Florida

    More than 125 seized bales of cocaine — with a street value of roughly $350 million — were unloaded Tuesday by U.S. Coast Guard officials in Florida.The 80-pound bri...

  3. Mexico pledges own anti-money laundering list like US kingpin designation

    Mexico says it will fight money laundering by using "kingpin" lists like those issued by the United States.Mexico had long been criticized because businesses designa...

  4. 'Violence and incitement': US, allies scramble to ease new Ukraine standoff

    The Obama administration and Western allies were scrambling to ease another crisis in Ukraine as pro-Russian protesters seized or blocked government buildings in wha...

  5. Obama administration working on non-lethal aid package for Ukraine

    The United States is working on a package of non-lethal aid for Ukraine that could include medical supplies and clothing, but would stop short of providing body armo...

  6. 'Slush fund'? USAID under fire for paying Afghan, other governments to pass laws

    A U.S. agency whose mission is to foster democracy by providing financial aid to foreign governments is under fire for what some lawmakers charge is blatant politica...

  7. First in Fox News First: Pence hits Obama on missile shield in Berlin speech

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