American Idol: Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina Make Top Two! Off to the Finale!

Scotty McCreery proved on "American Idol" that he already has a loyal fan base: Thanks to their votes, he is in the top two and will be in the finale next week.

"After 95 million votes the first person with a shot at the title is Scotty McCreery," announced "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest.

Some of his fans go by 'Scotty's Hotties,' while others prefer to carry signs such as, "Scotty you're my Elvis."

This is what McCreery faced when he made it home as an Idol "Hometown Hero" last week. America got to see his journey on Thursday night's show.

"Wow, wow, wow," said an emotional McCreery.

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McCreery, a native of Garner, N.C., couldn't control himself, breaking down in tears multiple times as he visited the former grocery store where he once worked, with thousands of his fans now waiting, following, and screaming his name.

"Thank you so much," McCreery said as he shook fans hands. "Oh my goodness. I love you so much."

McCreery added that he'd make sure to "work my tail off to win this and bring it back to Garner N.C."

When the singer of Puerto Rican descent put on a free concert for his fans, country music star Josh Turner surprised him on stage and together they sang one of McCreery's favorites, Tuner's classic, "Your Man."

Naturally, the plethora of tweens wanting McCreery was overwhelming. Even Elle Fanning, the younger sibling of child star Dakota Fanning, was in attendance Thursday evening and spoke about her younger cousin's love for McCreery.

Sadly, someone had to go. This time, it was underdog Haley Reinhart's turn to go back home empty handed as McCreery and Lauren Alaina moved on to the last round.

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