Witnesses: Men wearing Trump masks duked it out in Lowe's

Police say shoppers were mystified and alarmed when two young men wearing Donald Trump masks began boxing one another inside a Virginia Lowe's store on New Year's Eve.

Officers were summoned to the store Saturday afternoon because of a "disorderly display that scared customers," Henrico County Police Capt. Chris Eley told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Henrico police have said little about the incident. However, 59-year-old witness Michael Willis told the newspaper he saw the men hitting each other while yelling, "Donald Trump! Donald Trump!" The men fell and knocked down merchandise in the process, Willis said.

"I mean, these people, they were hitting," Willis said. "If they was acting, they was doing a good job on it."

Willis said he called police because he feared they might be robbers.

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But he said one young man who returned to retrieve some keys that were dropped during the fight told him they were just trying to have some fun.

No arrests were immediately made.

In Virginia, a person over the age of 16 can be charged with a felony for wearing a mask in certain circumstances, including on private property when the owner of the property hasn't given permission. Willis and another unnamed witness guessed the boxers were in their early-20s.