Late President Bush receives 'points of light' tribute from Texas A&M students

Former President George H.W. Bush, who died Friday night at age 94, is remembered by many for his "thousand points of light" call for public service. Soon after his death, students at Texas A&M University -- home of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum -- created their own points of light through a candlelight vigil in memory of the nation's 41st president.

About 70 students gathered at the Presidential Pond outside the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and sang "Amazing Grace," according to Texas A&M's the Battalion, a student newspaper. Most, if not all, in attendance, weren't even alive when Bush served as president, from 1989 to 1993.

“Going to school with him being our namesake is the highest honor that any of us could have," vigil co-organizer Tiffany Easter told the newspaper, "and to walk out of here learning about the legacy that he left as a public servant is an honor."

“All the times I had gone through the library just kind of flashed through my head,” student Chris Huser told the Batallion. “I just thought to come here. It was almost instinctual.”

The Battalion tweeted out a photo of a similar student gathering after former first lady Barbara Bush died in April.

Barbara Bush was buried at Texas A&M's presidential library. The burial site is in a gated plot near a creek where the couple's daughter Robin, who was 3-year-old when she died of leukemia in 1953, Houston's KTRK-TV reported. Trees and flowers surround the plot.

The 41st U.S. president will be buried alongside his late wife and daughter Robin.