An Ohio couple is accused of binding and gagging 4-year-old twin boys with duct tape to discipline them, leaving police officers “deeply disturbed” when they discovered the horrific scene on Sunday, police said.

The father of the twins, James Howell, 26, and his girlfriend, Jamie Carver, 30, were arrested and charged with multiple counts of child endangering and kidnapping, WHIO reported. Rowdy Warren, who was allegedly in the Cincinnati home when the abuse took place, was also charged with obstructing official business.

It was not immediately clear if Carver was the boys' mother.

"[The officers] just felt so emotionally disturbed by what they saw," Fraternal Order of Police president Sgt. Dan Hils told WHIO on Monday. "It's so unique and remarkable that it took very veteran, very seasoned, inner-city police officers to say, 'Wow, this is unbelievable.'"


Duct tape, shoe laces and socks were found in the apartment. The twin boys were placed with a foster family after the discovery. The police department also plan on raising money for the boys.

"It just makes you wonder what frame of mind they were in," Phil Harris, who works near the apartment, said. "Are they on drugs? I just don't understand people that could harm children."

Howell and Carver could face at least seven years in prison if convicted.