The head of a North Carolina college says some students will have their graduations delayed after budget shortfalls cut sections in classes needed to be taken to earn a degree.

In response to $26 million in cuts, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro trimmed staff and lost nearly 1,000 class sections.

"It's us not being able to offer enough classes of any sort to enable students to build a full schedule and build a schedule to enable them to make good progress," UNC-Greensboro chancellor Linda Brady told MyFox8.

Brady expects other schools across the UNC system -- which suffered a collective $414 million loss in state funding -- to force students to stay onboard for an extra semester, MyFox8 reports.

To offset some delays, UNC-Greensboro created a course-substitution program for students to gain credits, and added a 6.5 percent tuition hike.

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