Nevada voters to pick license plate highlighting gun rights

A firearms group is taking its best shot at soliciting the public’s help in a contest featuring the Second Amendment.

The Nevada Firearms Coalition unveiled four license plate designs Thursday that highlight gun rights, and is asking state residents to cast a vote for their favorite. The group then plans to present the winner to the Nevada DMV for creation.

“A personalized license plate is a perfect way for Nevadans to show their support for the Second Amendment,” NFC President Don Turner told News3LV. “You know I’ll be first in line at the DMV the day the winning design gets released.”

The coalition is also seeking donations, since creating a license plate requires a $5,000 grant.

Turner told on Monday the voting would probably last until “either the donation or the votes stop coming in” or the organization hits its monetary target. Turner said around 1,000 votes had been cast so far and the totals were fairly evenly split between the four designs.

Each design includes the slogan “Protect the Second Amendment” at the bottom of the plate. Two plates feature a Revolutionary War-era soldier holding a musket and another has the silhouette of a cowboy, riding a horse, with a pistol in his hand. The fourth design is simply a pistol. Two of the designs include Nevada’s state slogan, “Battle Born.”

The DMV has the right to reject a design, Turner said.