Mom Reportedly Loses Custody of Daughter After Revealing Girl's Botox Injections

SAN FRANCISCO -- The mom who admitted on national television to injecting her eight-year-old daughter with Botox has lost custody of the child, according to a report on "Good Morning America," as some doubt began to emerge Monday about her story.

Kerry Campbell appeared on the morning show last week, explaining how she administers Botox to help her daughter, Britney, compete in beauty pageants.

On Friday, the San Francisco Human Services Agency began investigating Campbell after an outcry over the interview.

"It's pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an eight-year-old with Botox and certainly is grounds for an investigation," Trent Rohrer, from the San Francisco Human Services Agency said.

On Monday, GMA reported the child was no longer living at home with her mother.

"I've spoken with someone very close to the case, she is out of her mother's home. She's doing well," GMA correspondent Lara Spencer said on the ABC show.

"The case is under investigation by CPS [Child Protective Services] and we should have new details within a week. But the main thing here -- she's doing well," Spencer added.

There remains an element of mystery to the case, however, with the San Francisco Chronicle reporting Monday that Campbell does not live in San Francisco and is not who she claims to be.

San Francisco Human Services Director Trent Rhorer would not comment on the matter, citing confidentiality laws in juvenile cases, but did say that "we have completed our investigation, and we are no longer involved in the case."

County welfare agencies in California only have jurisdiction over families that reside in their counties.

The Chronicle said, "As for the woman's true identity and where she actually lives, that remains unclear -- but apparently, she isn't a Bay Area resident. How much of the rest of her story was on the level -- the Botox, the child beauty contests -- also is not known."