Millionaire returning $4M 'trophy' house to Indian tribe

An eccentric millionaire is giving Manhattan back to the American Indians — at least his small part of it.

Jean-Louis Goldwater Bourgeois, 76, an architectural historian and activist for Native American causes, is in the process of transferring the deed of his $4 million, landmarked West Village house to a nonprofit controlled by the Lenape tribe, the original Manhattanites.

“I have a romance with the history of the city, and I have been generally appalled that the land that the city is on has been taken by whites,” he told The Post.

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“This building is the trophy from major theft. It disgusts me.”

He said he feels “rage against what whites have done and some guilt, no, a lot of guilt, that I have profited from this major theft. The right thing to do is to return it.”

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