Megachurch Warns Christians to Avoid Engaging in Politics in 'Sinful Ways'

Megachurch pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Texas recently participated in a podcast with fellow pastor Josh Patterson and The Village Church staff members Kyle Worley and Anne Lincoln Holibaugh to discuss how Christians can positively impact the current political season.

Worley, who serves as connections minister at the evangelical church, starts off by saying there are several "sinful ways" in which Christians can engage in politics, whether it be pridefully or idolatrously.

The problem with an unhealthy involvement in politics stems from expecting too much from politics, Worley contends.

"If our hope is in Christ and the kingdom of God then we'll be able to expect from modern politics what it can deliver and not expect more than what it can deliver," Worley says.

Ultimately, if we're putting too much hope in the next president rather than Christ and his kingdom, we're going to be disappointed and disolusioned, the church leaders agree; politics will never be able to deliver the hope that God can.

Chandler adds to this argument, suggesting that Christians can use their "faithful presence" to shape their culture and therefore shape politics.

It's also important for Christians to remember that ultimately, God is in control of the political process. "The Lord's at work in this political process," Chandler says. "He's not panicked or nervous – He already knows who our next president is."

While Christians can be led by their faithful presence in all aspects of life, it is important to remember that politicians frequently address issues in a one-dimensional manner, such as the issue of pro-life.

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