Knife-wielding madman attacks newly engaged couple in NYC

A 23-year-old tourist who had just surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her in Central Park was stabbed in the back of the head by a lunatic in Midtown — but he and his bride-to-be told The Post that they still love New York.

“We’re just so thankful he’s alive,” said Jordan Asher on Monday, as her fiance, Connor Rasmussen, recovered from a gash to the head that required eight stitches. “I believe this is an absolute miracle.”

Rasmussen, who lives with Asher in Washington state, recalled having to pull the knife out of his head himself.

But “I feel lucky. We both can’t even believe this happened to us,” he said.

Rasmussen had surprised Asher by proposing to her in Central Park in front of a large group of their friends and family Fridayafternoon. But by early Sunday, the group’s celebratory weekend had been wrecked by the madman’s random attack.

The tourist was jumped as he was walking down East 46th Street near Madison Avenue with some friends around 1:45 a.m.Sunday.

The victim told cops he noticed the attacker walking several yards behind him and his group as they were looking for someplace to eat pizza.

Rasmussen said he heard the assailant shout something before he ran up and plunged the knife into the base of his skull.

“It was a blindside thing to the back of my head,” Rasmussen recalled. “I turned and looked at the guy. I think he was kind of shocked that I didn’t go down, and he took off.”

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