Jewish family's house defaced with swastika, racial slur

A Staten Island house was defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti — the second hateful attack on the property this month.

Debra Calabrese said her 17-year-old son found the slur “k—,” and a swastika spray painted in black on the family’s garage at around 5 a.m Wednesday.

“It feels like a nightmare, not real,” said Calabrese, who is Jewish. “It’s one thing when someone says something, but to vandalize my property like this is a whole new level.”

Two weeks ago, hooligans also threw rocks at the family’s residence but no windows were broken. Rocks were also thrown at another Jewish neighbor’s home, she said.

Calabrese, her two sons and teen daughter have been living in their Rossville residence for 14 years, and said their home has never been attacked like this before.

“These are probably stupid kids doing something for kicks,” the homeowner said. “They don’t realize the toll it takes on a family.”

The mom of three plans to keep the slur and hate symbol up for now to make sure the neighborhood knows she won’t stand for this.

“We don’t want this to be pushed aside,” she said. “We’re not going to just take this down and pretend like nothing happened.”

Calabrese said she’s working with police on the case and neighbors whose surveillance cameras may have caught the vandals in action.

“New York City is like the melting pot, I don’t understand,” Calabrese said. “We should all live together. This shouldn’t happen.”

The NYPD confirmed the Hate Crime Task Force was investigating.

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