Images of Newark, in 1967 and 2017

Fifty years ago, Newark erupted.

On July 12, 1967, rumors spread that police had killed a black man. Though the story was untrue — the man was beaten, but survived — pent-up rage led to four nights of riots and looting. Newark took its place in that long, hot summer alongside about 150 other disturbances across the United States.

Twenty-six people died in the course of the riots, and property damage was estimated at $10 million — more than $73 million in today's dollars.

Newark is still struggling to recover from that spasm of violence. The city already was dealing with white flight, and white-owned businesses departed at a rapid rate in the aftermath.

But as these photographs show, there is life in New Jersey's largest city, a half-century after its darkest moments. There are new restaurants, new business and housing, and the city's boosters are touting a rebirth.