Half-naked Ohio driver crashes car into store to get beer, police say

A man wearing nothing from the waist down intentionally crashed his car into a closed Ohio convenience store to get beer, police said.

Rocky River police said 45-year-old Robert Mason was traveling at around 40 mph when he drove through the front wall of the store early Sunday, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. Once inside, police said, he told the store clerk he needed beer.


The clerk, who suffered leg and chest injuries that weren’t considered critical, told police he had just closed for the night when the car hurtled into the store.

Mason, who police said was suffering from issues related to his service in the military, barricaded himself inside a beer cooler and told police to shoot him. He was eventually subdued with a Taser.

The chaotic scene was captured on a police officer’s body camera.

Caution: Graphic language

Mason is facing charges that include DUI and reckless operation.

The store clerk told police he was spared from more serious injuries because a deli counter was between him and the car.

“Had the car been over a couple more feet, he was hurt, it could have been serious bodily injury, even possibly death,” Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman told Fox 8 Cleveland. “I mean, that’s a 4-, 5,000-pound automobile coming at 30, 40 miles an hour. He was lucky, very lucky.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.