Georgia Woman Allegedly Denied Discounts at Store for Being 'Habitual Coupon User'

A Georgia woman says she's miffed at the manager of her local Kroger grocery store who allegedly called her a "habitual coupon user" and refused to take her clippings, reports.

Khadijah Herring said she clips coupons with her children at least once a week, adding that her family of 10 relies heavily on discounts to make ends meet.

She said she was trying to redeem some of those vouchers last Friday morning at a Kroger store near her home in Hampton, Ga., about 30 miles south of Atlanta. But the manager allegedly denied her the discounts at the checkout.

"He walks up to me and his only words are, 'I'm not taking those,'" Herring said.

The shopper claimed that when she asked why, the manager replied, "Because you're a habitual coupon user."

Herring said she was trying to buy 20 body washes, among other items for her big family.

"Everything I have, I have a coupon for. I shop not without a coupon," she told the station.

A representative for Kroger said he could not comment about the case because an internal investigation is ongoing. He did, however, say that the use of coupons has its limitations.

According to Kroger's policy, "there is not a limit on the number of coupons per transaction, however Kroger does limit one coupon per item and reserves the right to limit quantities."

Representatives from Kroger said the retailer also encourages coupon clippers to call their store ahead of time if they intend to make a coupon run for a lot of items at one time. But Herring said her experience with the chain store did not match that policy.

"You know what, I've had that relationship with a lot of other stores, but this one told me they do not do that. Their policy was not to do that," she said.

The Kroger representative insisted that the store in question does work with coupon clippers to make sure they and all the other customers get their needs met. But Herring said she will start shopping at another Kroger.

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