FOX NEWS FIRST: Intel watchdog says Clinton campaign planned to fire him over email probe; New Conyers accuser

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Developing now, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017:

  • Fox News Exclusive: Obama intel watchdog says Clinton campaign planned to fire him over email probe
  • Democratic Rep. John Conyers hit with new allegations of sexual misconduct
  • A second GOP senator opposes the tax cut bill as Senate Republicans aim to vote later this week
  • Two acting directors battle for control of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the office and in court
  • A new candidate challenges Roy Moore with Ala. Senate election two weeks away

THE LEAD STORY: FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: A government watchdog who played a central role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the Obama administration says he, his family and his staffers faced an intense backlash at the time from Clinton allies – and that the campaign put out word that it planned to fire him if the Democratic presidential nominee won the 2016 election... “There was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office,” former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III told Fox News' Catherine Herridge. The Obama appointee discussed his role in the Clinton email probe for the first time on television during an exclusive interview on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

NEW SEX ALLEGATIONS AGAINST 'ICONIC' CONYERS: A former deputy chief of staff said Rep. John Conyers made an unwanted sexual advance toward her and touched her inappropriately twice in the late 1990s, the Detroit News reports, in the latest sexual misconduct allegations against the veteran lawmaker ... Deanna Maher, 77, who ran a Michigan office for Conyers from 1997 to 2005, told The Detroit News that there were three instances of inappropriate conduct. She says the first was in 1997, when she rejected his offer to share a hotel room and have sex. The others involved unwanted touching in a car in 1998 and unwanted touching of her legs under her dress in 1999. The House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation of Conyers, 88. He said Sunday he would step aside as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, after a news website reported last week that Conyers settled a complaint in 2015 from a woman staffer who alleged she was fired because she rejected his sexual advances.

STAGE SET FOR GOP NAIL-BITER ON TAX REFORM: A second Republican senator has announced that he opposes the tax bill in its current form as GOP lawmakers hope to vote on the bill this week ... The announcement by Steve Daines of Montana on Monday leaves Senate Republicans no room for error. Previously, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said he opposed the bill. Republicans have only two votes to spare in the Senate, where they hold a 52-48 edge and anticipate Vice President Mike Pence breaking a tie, if needed. Senate Republicans are considering a trigger that would automatically increase taxes if their sweeping legislation fails to generate as much revenue as they expect. This is an effort to gain support from deficit hawks who worry that tax cuts for businesses and individuals would add to the nation’s already mounting debt. Meanwhile, President Trump is set to meet Tuesday with top Republican and Democratic congressional leaders to discuss an end of the year legislative to-do list and way to avoid a government shutdown on Dec. 8.

BATTLE FOR THE CFBP: Who's in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? That may depend on who you ask as the battle heads to court ... The White House insists Mick Mulvaney, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, is firmly in control of the agency, despite a court challenge from Leandra English, who was elevated to interim director of the bureau last week by its outgoing director Richard Cordray. Trump installed Mulvaney instead. Mulvaney assumed command of the office on Monday, imposing a 30-day hiring freeze and firing off a memo instructing staff to disregard directives from English. English sent a department-wide email saying she hoped everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The Trump administration defended its appointment in a court brief filed late Monday night.

LONGSHOT NEW CHALLENGE FOR ROY MOORE: There’s a new candidate in the hotly contested Alabama Senate race before the Dec. 12 special election. Retired Col. Lee Busby — who spent 31 years in the Marine Corps and on his last tour of duty was vice chief of staff to then-Gen. John Kelly, who is now White House chief of staff — is entering the race with a long-shot bid against embattled Republican Roy Moore ... Moore, 70, is facing allegations that he molested or initiated sexual contact with two teens, ages 14 and 16 — and tried to date several others — while he was in his 30s. Moore has denied the allegations of misconduct and has said he never dated "underage" women.


TUCKER'S PERSONAL STORY: "Not everyone accused of a sex offense is guilty. Not every accuser is telling the truth. I learned this the hard way a number of years ago when I was accused of felony rape by a woman I had literally never even seen." – Tucker Carlson, in his opening monologue on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," detailing his ordeal of being falsely accused of sexual misconduct. WATCH

'POCAHONTAS' UPROAR: "The use of minority status when it's not accurate seems to be a far bigger offense than the left will never talk about." – Sebastian Gorka, on "Hannity," blasting the controversy over President Trump's reference to Sen. Elizabeth Warren in absentia during a ceremony honoring Navajo Code Talkers. WATCH


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