Former cop sues NYPD, claims job made him obese

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Maybe it was the doughnuts.

A morbidly obese city cop got a hefty pension when he retired on disability at age 43, but he’s still hungry for more dough — so he’s suing the NYPD, claiming the job left him corpulent.

“The job is like a tyrant,’’ said ex-NYPD Officer Jose Vega, who is 5-foot-10 and tips the scales at 360 pounds.

“I went from 250 to 395 pounds in one year — I guarantee you, as small as you are, you eat more than me,” he told a Post reporter Tuesday, insisting it was the slew of health problems caused by the stress of his former police job that led to his mass weight gain, not his eating habits.

Vega, 46, a former Marine, said that when he first joined the department in 1997, he weighed in at a svelte 180 pounds.

“My goal was to become a first-grade detective and homicide detective,’’ he said.

But “they brainwashed you. ‘Go out and make arrests.’ The job would emphasize arrests without concern for any officer’s heath,’’ said the former cop, who worked in the Bronx’s 42nd Precinct.

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