Evidence of great white sharks reported off Cape Cod coast

Cue the “Jaws” theme.

Just before vacationers and locals had enough time to lay out their beach towels and apply sun block, researchers near Cape Cod, Mass., warned swimmers to be on the lookout for great white sharks.

There have been no great white sightings, but earlier this month scientists received radio signals from two sharks looming off the coast of Chatham, Mass. These sharks, along with six others, were tagged by researchers last summer to help study their migratory habits.

To add to scientists’ earlier suspicions, an injured seal with large gashes on its torso was spotted floating in nearby waters. Great whites are famous for their appetite for seals and there’s nothing short of a seal buffet at the tip of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, which is east of Chatham.

The Chatham harbormaster told MyFoxBoston.com that he has been monitoring the situation, but says there’s no immediate danger for swimmers.

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Stuart Smith, the harbormaster, said nearby Nantucket Sound beaches never had a shark detected. He said the focus is mainly on the beaches that sit along the ocean.

In past years, beaches in the vicinity have been closed due to shark sightings. Last year alone, there were 35 great white shark sightings off Cape Cod. So researchers have decided to begin studying their habits.

For example, these signals were picked up by strategically placed acoustic receivers last week, Cape CodOnline.com reported. These receivers were designed to enable researchers to determine when sharks enter or leave the waters.

"The more tags we put out, hopefully the more we will be able to start seeing patterns and preferences in what these sharks like, and where they like to be," John Chisolm, a shark biologist, told MyFoxBoston.com.

The Boston Herald reported that researchers will be collecting more data from buoys weekly and will be studying the information further.

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