Christian Relief Group on Refugees: What Matters Is Who's Vulnerable, Not Religion

Christian relief groups behind an effort encouraging churches to come together and welcome refugees have said it would be wrong for the United States to only welcome Christians and not Muslims.

National Refugee Sunday, a global effort organized by World Relief, World Vision, and other Christian humanitarian groups, takes place on Sunday, Dec.13. The event seeks to mobilize churches to set aside one Sunday to focus specifically on welcoming refugees fleeing war and violence.

Jenny Yang, vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief, spoke with The Christian Post in an interview on Monday about a number of the issues surrounding the ongoing refugee crisis.

Strong debate over who should be allowed, and how many refugees should be allowed, continues to grip American politics.

Yang, however, rejected suggestions by several politicians, including GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, that only Christian refugees should be allowed into the U.S.

"I do think we need to do more to resettle Christian refugees, but I don't think we should just resettle Christians and not any other religion," Yang told CP.

She pointed out that many people fleeing civil war and terrorism in Iraq and Syria have experienced "tremendous suffering," and said that humanitarian programs have a responsibility to help everyone, regardless of their religion.

"The ultimate question should not be whether you are Christian or Muslim, but whether or not you are vulnerable," Yang added.

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