A Chicago police officer is in serious but stable condition Friday after being shot multiple times by a convicted felon while responding to a domestic violence call, police say. 

The wounded male officer, who has served 15 years with Chicago Police, was ambushed while trying to make his way to a home around 8:30 a.m. this morning in the city’s Near West Side neighborhood, according to Supt. David Brown. 

"As officers arrived, they got on an elevator, went upstairs and as soon as they got off the elevator to go to the apartment they were fired upon by the offender," Brown said. 

The suspect was later taken into custody and a gun was recovered at the scene, he added. 


Aerials Chicago officer wounded

Aerial shots show police officers gathering at the scene where a Chicago police officer was shot Friday morning. (Credit: WFLD)

Brown told reporters that no responding officers discharged their weapons. 

The wounded officer was transported to Stroger Hospital by a University of Illinois at Chicago officer who was monitoring police radio, "likely saving his life," Brown added. 

"Every single day, on every watch, brave men and women of the Chicago Police Department put on their uniform and their badge and go out to protect each and every one of us," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. "We have to remember that officers every single day are risking their lives for our safety and today underscores that." 

Lightfoot said Friday’s incident unfolded during an "unbelievable increase in domestic-violence related homicides and shootings" in Chicago. 

Chicago police officer serious condition after being shot by firearm

The weapon Chicago Police say they recovered at the scene. (Chicago Police Department)

The mayor said domestic-related homicides by firearm and non-fatal shootings have increased 125% since 2019. 

Compared to this time last year, domestic-related homicides are up 23.5%, she also said. 

"You never know what happens until you get on the scene, so we have to make sure we are addressing this surge," Lightfoot said. 

Aerials Chicago officer wounded

The officer is listed as being in serious condition following the shooting. (Credit: WFLD)


Brown said at least two other people were inside the apartment where the call originated, but no one else was hurt. 

The suspect, whom he identified as a convicted felon, was taken to a separate hospital for treatment for a wrist injury.