Chicago Crime Commission releases 1st gang guide since 2012

The Chicago Crime Commission has officially unveiled its first new street-gang guide in six years, detailing changes in where and how 59 Chicago gangs operate.

The 400-page publication, called The Gang Book, was released Tuesday by the crime-prevention group.

The Associated Press obtained advance access and reported Monday about how gangs' embrace of social media is transforming gang culture.

The book also includes updated gang-turf maps and police data showing that once-cohesive, disciplined gangs have splintered into over 2,400 factions.

Commission President J.R. Davis said Tuesday that the splintering means street-level gang members "are becoming their own leaders," prompting more block-by-block violence.

Vice President Andrew Henning says the book will serve as a guide for regional police. He says it'll also help businesses and schools understand threats gangs pose.