Boston University student breaks 'joggling' world record

A Boston University track and cross-country runner is looking to etch his name in the record books for running the fastest mile while “joggling.”

Zach Prescott, of Weymouth, took on the challenge Tuesday of juggling while jogging in hopes of beating the record set more than 30 years ago by American runner Kurt Swinson.

Juggling three lacrosse balls, Prescott ran the mile in four minutes and 43.2 seconds – beating the record by a half a second.

“All my friends were there, they were being really supportive and it was really fun,” Prescott told Boston 25. “I was like, 'Alright, I gotta do it if everyone's gonna be here,' you know?”

It took him three tries before he completed the record – he made it two and a half laps and three and a half laps, respectively, before dropping the balls and having to start all over again during his first two attempts.

“Getting the hang of it is hard, but once you get used to the speed when you’re running, you’re pretty much just juggling in place … It’s so much more about focus. You have to get into a rhythm,” Prescott told the Boston Globe.

Prescott, a rising senior studying business and accounting, told the newspaper that he got interested in “joggling” last year after his running season ended.

“There’s a random cool community of joggling. It’s a nice little niche,” he told the newspaper.

He said he is going to an international juggling festival in Springfield this summer that will include “joggling.”

Guinness World Records will now determine if Prescott’s time can officially become the new record.