AP NewsBreak: DA: Grand jury probing NY foster care system

A prosecutor says a special grand jury has been empaneled to investigate New York's foster care system. This follows the arrest of a Long Island man accused of sexually abusing foster children.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota (Sp-OH-tah) tells The Associated Press the grand jury has been meeting since Aug. 17.

The grand jury is looking into "all the facts" surrounding the Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu (Gon-ZAH'leyz Moo-gah-BOO'-roo) case. That includes additional possible crimes by the defendant.

The Ridge, New York, man was arrested last winter on charges he sexually abused seven children in his home on Long Island. He has pleaded not guilty.

Authorities say he provided foster care for dozens of boys over two decades.

Spota says "multiple agencies" are being examined in the grand jury probe.