FIRST ON FOX – Pentagon school libraries contained dozens of books with jarring, pornographic content, such as detailed instructions on how to have sex, or radical gender ideology from elementary to high school, a Fox News Digital investigation has found. 

Fox News looked into over 50 schools, selected at random, at the Department of Defense Education Activity, which services over 66,000 military-connected children in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific. Some of DoDEA's libraries boasted specific sections for "banned" books, including explicit titles such as "This Book is Gay," which discusses orgies and sex apps. 

United States Department of Defense schools 

United States Department of Defense schools  (Fox News Digital | Respective authors)

Many of the pornographic and radical gender ideology books were added within the last two years amid President Biden taking office. This finding was determined by taking into account dates books were originally published.

Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman, a Department of Defense spokesperson, released a statement to Fox News Digital, which said, "The Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) serves a diverse community of military families, and their library materials reflect that diversity. All titles in DODEA’s catalog undergo a review process. We welcome parents to review DODEA library materials and there is an administrative process available if a parent has concerns about a particular book."

Department of Defense High Schools

Books in DoDEA high schools were found to contain sex imagery, detailed instructions on masturbation, recording sex, sending nude pictures, how to have anal sex and other topics.  

All Boys Aren't Blue 

"All Boys Aren't Blue," published in April 2020, is a non-fiction "manifesto" by a journalist named George Johnson geared for teenagers. 

It was most recently challenged in Dearborn, Michigan, for having sexually explicit content. The book describes oral sex, ejaculation, anal sex, pornography and masturbation.

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books all boys aren't blue

"All Boys Aren't Blue" discusses watching pornography. 

"As an avid porn watcher, the only thing I knew about anal sex previously was that it was painful, or at least played up as such on the cameras," the book said.

"I was in pain for nearly three weeks following that encounter and too afraid to go to the doctor for help because I would have had to tell them I had been having anal sex," the book said.

Sex: A Book for Teens

The "Uncensored Guide" by Nikol Hasler has an entire chapter dedicated to "kinks, sexual fantasies and fetishes." The "communicating about sex" section says, "mouths are also for talking." 

The anatomy part of the book shows explicit images of male and female genitals and discusses breast reductions and augmentations.


'Sex a Book for Teens'

'Sex a Book for Teens' (Fox News Digital | Author)

Some names for "breasts," according to the book, are "airbags, t*ts, bee bites, balcony, charleys, booboos, t*ttybojangles, tracks of land, chesticles, headlights, knockers, boobies, fun bags, dairy pillows."

About male genitalia, the book said, "Some guys like to think of penises in terms of 'growers' or 'showers' (the first type is small when flaccid, but gets much bigger when hard; the second type is big when flaccid and grows comparatively less when hard)."

Other names for "penises," included, according to the book, "one-eyed trouser snake, schlong, purple-headed yogurt slinger, dong, wang, weinie, baby arm, dome piece, jimber. Mr. Happy, plonker, tallywacker, manhandle, tubesteak, d*ick, throbber, knob, tool, donger, putz, winkle, pork sword."

The book went on to describe sexually explicit names for scrotums, erections and vaginas.

Big Questions Book of Sex & Consent

Published in December 2020, the book by Donna Freitas seeks to create a "sexually liberated UTOPIA!!!" and teaches children how limitless sex, so long as consent is involved, should be celebrated. 

"It's a world that values play, playfulness, and fun in relation to sex and sexual intimacy, a world that celebrates pleasure and the giving of pleasure, the joys of flirtation, the excitement of romance and sex," the book said. 

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books the big questions book sex consent

Big Questions Book Sex and Consent (Fox News Digital | Author)


"The world I describe is one of great complexity, and in its complexity there is beauty... This book strives to prepare you, the reader, to be a person who can make a utopia less of a theory and more of a reality. It aims to give you the tools to help create this world–to figure out what creating it might involve."

Respect: Everything a Guy Needs to Know About Sex, Love, and Consent

This book by Inti Chavez Perez covers sexting ("Time to send a d*ck pic"), "recording porn," and other topics. 

"'Respect' tells you everything you should know, and everything you would want to know—a book for guys to learn from and then go back to," the book's description said. 

United States Department of Defense schools 

United States Department of Defense schools  (Fox News Digital | Respective authors)

"Respect" provides graphic details to teenage boys how to have sex with women, how to masturbate and how to have oral sex on men. 

About "sex," the book instructs readers how to "use your hands and mouth" and how to "make it work."

"As you continue to masturbate, the pleasure gets greater and greater until you can't hold out any longer, and you have an orgasm, where a wonderful feeling of pleasurable release washes over you. You'll general ejaculate... and the semen sprays out," the book said.

Another book in DoDEA schools, "101 questions about Sex and Sexuality" encourages masturbation for teens. It said, "While you need not masturbate if you don't want to, most experts think masturbation is... beneficial. It serves to release sexual tensions, and... is good preparation for a sexual relationship. Boys and men often have a problem with ejaculating too quickly, before their female partner is... satisfied."

This Book is Gay

"This Book is Gay," discusses the casual hookup site "Grindr" and includes detailed information on how to have anal and "girl on girl" sex. 

"We all want to have sex with loads of people," the book states. "[T]he prostate gland… feels amazing when massaged. Lots of men, gay or straight, like how this feels."

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books this book is gay

"This Book is Gay" contains information on kink and orgies.  (Juno Dawson | iStock)

"Let's talk about dildos: I think a lot of people assume that where there is no penis, a desperate sexual void is created, out of which something [bleep] shaped must ultimately slot in order to satisfy," the book continued. "I've only every slept with two women who enjoyed using dildos. I hate wearing a strap-on. I've only every done it once and NEVER AGAIN!"


It also included information on sex parties and orgies. "Saunas, or 'bath houses,' are dotted all over the country, and they are perfectly legal. People (many saunas run lesbian nights) pay some money to enter and then have a bit of a sauna and some random sex. Again, this is fine as long as you're safe.

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books

DoDEA's "Ansbach Middle/High School" library contains "This Book is Gay," which includes sexually explicit content.  (DoDEA)

The book was found in numerous high school and combined high/middle school libraries, raising questions about whether it was also available to pre-teens in DoDEA schools. 

Gender Queer

"Gender Queer" by Maia Kobabe was the #1 most-challenged book in the country in 2021, according to the American Library Association. 

The graphic novel has been at the center of debate on whether it is appropriate for schools to have in their classrooms and libraries because of its explicit imagery of oral sex.

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books gender queer

Gender Queer Book (Fox News Digital)

Middle Schools 

Books found in DoDEA middle schools were found to contain stories of a 6-year-old engaging in oral sex, children becoming drag queens, discussions on masturbation as well as references to anal sex. Books such as "Trans Teen Survival Guide" offered information about changing one's gender using hormones and surgery. 

Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World

"Aristotle and Dante" by Benjamin Alire Saenz, published in October 2021, is about two teens who fall in love. Most of its pages discuss having sex, planning to have sex, sexual pleasure and sexual desire. 

"I'm thinking Dante could charm the pants off me. And my underwear too," the book said. "All I can think about is sleeping next to you. Both of us naked."

Another book by the same author, "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe" discusses masturbation.

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

"Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World" and "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe" by Benjamin Alire Saenz (Benjamin Alire Saenz)

"Dante enjoyed kissing. And I suspected he liked masturbating too. I thought masturbating was embarrassing. I didn't even know why. It just was. It was like having sex with yourself," the book said. 

"Ari, Do you masturbate? I'm thinking.... I'm a little obsessed with this topic lately. Maybe it's just a phase. But, Ari, if you do masturbate, what do you think about?"

Middle School is a Drag 

The book by Greg Howard, which was published February 2020, is about a 12-year-old boy who starts a talent agency business for child drag queen performers. 

One of the kids he signs is an 8th-grader named "Mistress of Madness and Mayhem."

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books middle School's a drag

Middle School's a Drag (Fox News Digital | Author)


Other books in DoDEA schools such as "Pumpkin," published in May, also discusses drag queens and is available to middle and high schoolers.


The book "Flamer" by Mike Curato contains sexual imagery and references to oral and anal sex. It was published in September 2020. 

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books flamer

Flamer (Author Mike Curato)

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

The book, "Beyond Magenta" by Susan Kuklin, documented the stories of LGBTQ+ youth, and some passages have been criticized as disturbing. The book described a child as "sexually mature" who "hated being a kid."

"I was sexually mature. What I mean by sexually mature is that I knew about sex. From six and up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats. We were really young, but that's what we did... Guys used to hit on me – perverts – pedophiles. I'd see guys giving me a look, and it kinda creeped me out. They would touch themselves, saying, 'Come here, sweetie.' I ran away... By then I hated being a kid, I had a grown-up's mind and thought I was an adult." 

Beyond Magenta transgender banned book

'Beyond Magenta' book about transgender teens. (Susan Kuklin | iStock)

Another passage appeared to describe an 8-year-old having sex while he was away from home.

Some Girls Bind 

"Some Girls Bind" by Rory James explores the journey of a character who questions whether she is "gender queer." The teen binds her breasts every day "to feel more like herself."

Chest binding is associated with some medical risks, which can be permanent.


dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books some girls bind

Some Girls Bind (Fox News Digital | Author)

The protagonist, Jamie, began to bind her breasts at age 14. "It's like a corset designed to make me look boyish... it seems to suit me... I feel more confident with my chest flatter, unlike any girl in my class," the book said about chest-binding.

"[B]inding feels so good, so right. Like a wight that should hold me down, but lifts me up."

A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns 

The book by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson contains instructions on how to use neo pronouns such as "hir" and "ze" as well as "they/them" for nonbinary and gender queer youth. 

"Archie and I have been pals for years, so I knew them before they came out as nonbinary," the book said. 

They/them pronouns dodea schools Pentagon

A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns (Fox News Digital | Author)

Elementary Schools

Books in DoDEA elementary schools were found to contain narrative stories which included gender ideology and kids opposing their parents' activism against titles they deemed inappropriate.

Answers in the Pages

The book by David Levithan, published in May, discusses a child named Donovan opposing his parents' activism to remove a book they deem inappropriate from his school curriculum. 

"He's confused about his parents' complaints about inappropriate content," the description in the DoDEA library said.


"Together with his classmates, Donovan helps stand up for the book and the right for young people to be able to read what they want," the description continued. 

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books answers in the pages book

Answers in the Pages dodea (Fox News Digital | Author)

Too Bright to See 

In "Too Bright to See" by Kyle Kukoff, a child's gender identity discovery is explored through a narrative tale featuring a haunted house. 

It said arguments countering the notion that "trans women are women" were "transphobic."

"[T]rans people really are the genders they identify with… arguments saying otherwise are transphobic, pure and simple. Like, a phrase I kept seeing repeated over and over again was 'trans men and men' and 'trans women are women.' A sure, unshakeable truth," the book said.

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books too bright to see

Too Bright to See (Fox News Digital | Author)

"For some reason I thought that being trans was all about you... you know, private parts. Like, knowing they're wrong.... But that almost never came up [for me]," the book, originally published in April 2021, said.

Julian at the Wedding

The second book of the "Julian" series by Jessica Love is about gender nonconformity and a child dressing in purple heels, a boa and a flower headdress. It was published in October 2020. 

"A… poignant reminder that gender, like love, is expansive," a review of the book, included on the publisher's website, said. 

Another book at DoDEA, "Julian is a Mermaid," describes a boy who wants to become a mermaid. During the book, the boy repeatedly strips down to his underwear. Later, he puts on lipstick and dons a headdress. He is then given costume jewelry before being taken to the NYC Mermaid Parade where he can freely express himself.

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books Julian is a mermaid

Julian is a Mermaid (iStock)

"This is a boy named Julian, and this is his Nana. And those are some mermaids," the book says with an illustration of women dressing up as mermaids. 

"This beautiful book is one of the very few picture books about a gender non-conforming child," a review of the book, posted to the author's website, said.

When Aidan Became a Brother

The book by Kyle Lukoff explores the journey of a young boy named Aidan coming out as transgender

The book says, "When Aiden was born, everyone thought he was a girl. His parents gave him a pretty name ... But as Aidan got bigger, he hated the sound of his name ... He was really another kind of boy."

dodea schools pentagon sexually explicit banned books when Aidan had a brother

When Aidan Became a Brother (Author)

Aidan's mother admits she made a mistake misgendering her son, saying, "When you were born, we didn't know you were going to be our son. We made some mistakes, but you helped us fix them."

Then, when Aidan's mother became pregnant, she was asked by someone whether the baby was a boy or girl. "Aidan didn't like it when people asked if he was a boy or a girl, and he hoped the baby couldn't hear yet. He was glad when Mom just smiled and said, 'I'm having a baby.'"

It Feels Good to Be Yourself

The book teaches children about transgender and cisgender identities. 

"This is… Xavier. Xavier is a cisgender boy. That means when Xavier was born, everyone thought he was a boy, and as he grew older, it turned out everyone was right – he is a boy," the book by Theresa Thorn said.

It Feels Good to Be Yourself

It Feels Good to Be Yourself (iStock)

"Everyone feels like either a boy or a girl," except nonbinary children, the book explained. 

"This is Ruthie's friend Alex. Alex is both a boy and a girl. When Alex was born, everyone thought Alex was a girl, but Alex is both boy and girl. This is Alex's gender identity."

Another character JJ, is neither a boy or a girl and has "they" pronouns. "Ever since JJ was very little, they never felt exactly like a boy or a girl – they just felt like themself. This is JJ's gender identity."


The children's book further claims that "there are many different ways to be a boy or a girl… [or] non-binary."

"Some kids feel that their gender identity isn't always the same – it's often changing."