Tomi Lahren: What was 'more boring,' impeachment hearings or Democratic debate?

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Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren did not give high marks to Wednesday night's fifth 2020 Democratic primary debate.

The underwhelming televised event prompted Lahren to hold a vote, of sorts, among panelists on Fox Nation's "Democratic Debate Reactions," asking them which they found "more boring" -- the debate or the House-led impeachment hearings.

"That's a tough one for the American people," replied Fox News contributor and Fox Nation host David Webb, saying the debate was, "a repeat of the last debate and the prior debate and probably will be the next debate on December 19th.

"I think that they weren't really debating each other," he observed. "They weren't countering each other, making their arguments, for their part, from their position."

One of the biggest topics on the debate stage last night was health care, but even on that major issue Fox News contributor and retired U.S. Marine and Johnny "Joey" Jones argued that the candidates did not seem to be setting themselves apart.

"The only difference between a moderate Democrat and a progressive is, 'Is this Medicare-for-all with the mandate or Medicare-for-all without?' That's about the only difference at this point," he said.

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have said that they would eliminate private health care insurance plans immediately to make way for a single-payer health care system.  South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and entrepreneur Andrew Yang have said that they would keep private insurance plans for now.  The remaining candidates have advocated for keeping private insurance while expanding public health insurance options.

Erin Elmore, who is a republican strategist and attorney, observed that these positions may present a huge electoral challenge for Democrats.

"Let's say Elizabeth Warren does get this nomination, her Medicare-for-all is toxic in the general. Absolutely toxic. You can't campaign on that against President Trump. And that's the issue here. Can any of these people make it against President Trump? And they don't have that 'It' factor," she said.

Webb told the Fox Nation panel: "Fact is when you take federal spending as a percentage of GDP to that level where you cross the 47 percent line and over the 50 plus percent line, as other socialist democracies, you are a socialist nation. And that's where their spending would take us."

Jones observed: "This is why impeachment is so important for them, because they're fighting over who's going to get the consolation prize.

"They're fighting over who's going to be there when the Democrats in Congress beat Trump up so much that they believe the voters won't show up for him," he concluded. "That's the only way they can beat him... and when Trump gets another win and another win between now and November next year, the only hope they have is to impeach him on emotion."

"Well actually that was the first question of the night," observed Lahren, who pointed out that MSNBC debate moderator Rachel Maddow asked former vice president Joe Biden to weigh in on the impeachment hearings, without pressing him on his relation to the scandal.

Webb expressed disbelief that the debate moderators failed to ask Biden a single question about his and his son, Hunter's, dealings in Ukraine.

"You also have to look at his potential problems with influence peddling," said Webb, "We're talking about major issues where his son was involved while he was vice president. He was a member of the Senate, a member of that body. I'm not convicting him. I want the inquiry and the investigation to include him, which would, therefore, if he's innocent, exclude him."

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