Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said President Biden and his administration are at odds with a quintessential American value — hope — Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." 

"I think about the leftist agenda of this administration and the dower, life is bad, [and the] you-better-get-used-to-it personality of Biden," Patrick told Tucker Carlson. "And what's the real principle? They have no hope. They have a lack of hope. They're divisive [and] they look for someone to blame their failures."

President Biden speaks on omicron variant at White House before Christmas holiday

President Joe Biden speaks about the omicron variant in the White House. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The left's ideology, Patrick said, is a belief that the government is a deity. 

"The left believes that government is the god and so they have nothing to believe in," he said. "When they're in trouble, they're really panicked, whether they're panicked over low poll numbers or Joe Manchin not voting the way they want … So they have no courage."

Patrick called Biden the "blue Grinch" and said he would not succeed in stealing Christmas


Detroit Lions fan dressed as a grinch in Detroit, Michigan

A sports fan at Ford Field on October 31, 2021, in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

"He will not steal this holiday from us ... He will not take it away from us because we are a nation built on the word of God and we have hope," Patrick said.

"[Americans] come back to always having that hope, no matter how difficult it is since the birth of our nation. Whether it was the Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, an assassination decade of the '60s, or 9/11, we always had hope and we had presidents who inspired us," he said. "Americans do not cower, whether it's the Nazis or the terrorists or the China virus. We have hope. We have strength. And when you have hope and strength, you have peace. But this president doesn't know what hope is."


Biden "lost" the country because of his hopelessness and will never get it back, Patrick added.

President Joe Biden at White House in event on cars and trucks

President Joe Biden delivers remarks during an event on the South Lawn of the White House August 5, 2021, in Washington, D.C. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A Fox Business poll found that 51 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden's job performance and 65 percent feel dissatisfied about how things are going in the country. 

"I don't know who's going to run for president in 2024 ... but I know America will be looking for a man or woman who will return us to our values and principles, [who is] not afraid to stand on the word of God and talk about their faith, and who will bring us hope," Patrick said. "Because that's what inspires a nation, and this president has lost the country. He's lost the country [and] he will never get it back because he is a man of no hope."