Volunteers Help Homeless Female Veterans Get Back On Their Feet In Arizona

They served our country, now our community is serving them. Volunteers just got done with remodeling the Mana House, a place that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet.

From putting up shelves to installing new mirrors and shower heads, volunteers are turning the old YWCA into a home.

"It's like getting a brand new pair of shoes or a brand new car, you know, you're so excited about new stuff. It just lifts your spirits in general," says Tony Motley, Madison Street Veteran's Association.

So this remodeled house could go a long way in helping female vets rebuild their lives.

"What we want to do is create an environment where they can relax. They've been on the street trying to fend for themselves, watching their back constantly, so what we want to do is [create] an environment that's soothing for them so they can deescalate."

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The ladies have been keeping their stuff in filing cabinets. Home Depot donated a bunch of dressers — the little things so they can feel at home and can start rebuilding their foundation and rebuilding their lives.

"One of my main goals was to give them something to call their own, a dresser, someplace to put their knickknacks and stuff. They feel more comfortable having a place to stay," says Jesse Torres, Team Depot captain.

Vets who end up here at the Mana House are struggling with mental health issues and addiction. They couldn't quite make the transition from war to home on their own.

"What we're trying to do here is get the facility vamped up and ready for our Iraq and Afghanistan vets that are coming home," says Motley.

Motley says most vets spend about six months at the Mana House, and when they leave they have a job, they've got income, and money in their savings account.

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