Our American Dream: The Son of Dominican Immigrants Makes History

Angel Taveras became the first Latino mayor in the history of Providence. 

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    Angel Taveras became Providence's first Latino mayor. The son of immigrants has been viewed as a role model for younger Dominicans.
    Jesse Banks III
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    Angel Taveras Baby

    Angel Taveras as a baby. The son of Dominican immigrants was born in Brooklyn and raised in Providence.
    Courtesy of Dinora Dominguez
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    Angel Taveras boy

    Angel Taveras, shown here as a young boy, knows that he is a role model for young Dominicans and Latinos.
    Courtesy of Dinora Dominguez
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    Angel Taveras Uncle Wedding

    Angel Taveras, mayor of Providence, dressed the part early on. Here he is at an uncle's wedding.
    Courtesy of Dinora Dominguez
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    Angel Taveras Caring Baby

    Angel Taveras, here caring for a baby, was always responsible beyond his years, relatives said.
    Courtesy of Dinora Dominguez
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    Angel Taveras Dancing with Grandmother

    Ever the family man, Angel Taveras, here dancing with his grandmother, credits his mother and sister with his success.
    Courtesy of Dinora Dominguez
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    Angel Taveras Nieces vacation

    Angel Taveras has always doted on his nieces. "Tío," even as mayor of Providence, is always available for them.
    Courtesy of Dinora Dominguez
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    Angel Taveras Congress

    Angel Taveras, here as a candidate in a failed bid for Congress, more than redeemed himself when he was elected mayor of Providence.
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    Angel Taveras Yellow Tie

    Angel Taveras was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in Providence. He attended Harvard University and Georgetown Law School.
    Courtesy of the Office of the Mayor of Providence
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    Angel Taveras Shaking Hands

    Angel Taveras credits his mother and sister with his success. He wants to pay it forward to the citizens of Providence.
    Courtesy of the Office of the Mayor of Providence
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