Mexico’s Dirtiest Beaches (and Not in a Fun Way)

If you’re planning a vacation to Zihuatanejo, Nayarit or Acapulco you might want to take a pause. (Actually, if you’re going to Acapulco, you have a few other things to think about, too.)

Mexico’s Secretary of Health has declared that three beaches in these towns—Caletilla in Acapulco, Playa Principal in Zihuatanejo, and La Cruz de Huacanaxtle in Nayarit—exceed international standards for amount of enterococci bacteria in the water.

Since this bacteria is commonly found in the human gastric system, its presence in sea water tends to mean things may have gotten too cozy between your surf and storm run-off, sewage, or other nasties. According to the state of Florida, enterococci has a correlation with “swimming-associated gastrointestinal illness.” Fun!

The news comes just as Mexicans are hitting the beach for Easter vacation, and the Department of Health and Department of the Environment say they’ll be working to better the situation. The other 98 percent of Mexican beaches are safe, the release stresses.


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