20 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Supremely Lazy

Every year, you say you're not going to bother with a Halloween costume, and every year, you get invited to a Halloween get-together where costumes are mandatory.

Of course, nobody's going to turn you away if you show up without a costume, but people are going to notice. They're going to be looking at you, judging you, and silently resenting you for ruining the aesthetic of their party — at least until they get tipsy off  and completely forget why they're miffed.

Rather than put up with all that, why not just wear the simplest costume you could possibly string together? Show your hosts that you barely made an effort by dressing as …

#1. A Human Burrito

What you'll need: a blanket, and maybe a friend to help you stand.

#2. Chilly Toga People

What you'll need: a sheet, a belt, maybe a few safety pins, and a cardigan.

#3. A Bespectacled Ghost

What you'll need: a sheet and some glasses.

#4. Alvin (or the Other Chipmunks)

What you'll need: a large red (or green or blue) t-shirt and masking tape.

#5. Backwards Clothes Lady

What you'll need: clothes.

#6. Your Own Evil Twin

What you'll need: a fake mustache, or black construction paper and a scissors for creating a fake mustache.

#7. Two Guys in One Shirt

What you'll need: a shirt.

#8. Marty McFly

What you'll need: a down vest, suspenders, sunglasses and a working hoverboard.

#9. The Snuggie Monster

What you'll need: a Snuggie or similarly sleeved blanket.

#10. Toilet Tissue Mummy

What you'll need: Charmin Ultra.

#11. Angelina Jolie's Leg

What you'll need: a dress that showcases your right leg, and a right leg.

#12. Curtain Man

What you'll need: a window with a curtain in it.

#13. Lampshade Lady

What you'll need: a lampshade.

#14. A Robot (Series #0705)

What you'll need: cardboard boxes, random packing materials and/or leftover HVAC equipment from the garage.

#15. A Nerd

What you'll need: a pair of glasses, tape, a bowtie and suspenders.

#16. Your Dad, Circa 1987

What you'll need: a loud, beautiful sweater.

#17. Count Chocula

What you'll need: a box of Count Chocula.

#18. John Waters

What you'll need: an eyeliner pencil and an upper lip.

#19. A Kentucky Derby Spectator

What you'll need: a ridiculous hat, plus things to staple to it.

#20. The Rock, Circa 1994

What you'll need: a black turtleneck, a silver chain, a fanny pack, and if possible, and a hi-top fade.