Here's a sure fire way to kill your Christmas appetite.

A monstrous hybrid of crab, turkey and octopus, named the Cthurkey reared its ugly head, arms and other body parts on the Twittersphere this week as a real alternative to a holiday meal.

Created by database administrator and Lubbock, Tex. resident Rusty Eulberg and his wife, the horrifying combination was a way to wow his friends at Christmas dinner.

"She did all the work on the Cthurkey.  I added the bacon," Eulberg told FoxNews.com.

He selected the name because his wife is a big fan of Cthulhu – a mythical monster created by horror writer HP Lovecraft.

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"She is a wonderful cook (better than me) who makes things from all sorts of cuisine, Chinese, Thai, sushi, Japanese, Indian," Eulberg said.

He said they actually created the dish two years ago, but photo resurfaced this week when Damana Madden shared it on Twitter.

Not surprisingly, it went viral.

Reaction of food purists to the Cthurkey may not be dissimilar to that of the turducken, when unknown Southern hunters or butchers or chefs (whoever you believe),  laid claim to its creation.  It may be too early to tell if crab, turkey and octopus trumps chicken, duck and turkey.

It's not a staple at the Eulberg house.  He told FoxNews.com "boring ham" is on the Christmas menu this year, not Cthurkey -- but he clearly likes to have a little fun in the kitchen.

"On occasion we’ll have a theme for Tea – stuff like Alice in Wonderland. I think a ‘Noir’ Tea would be fun."

So is this just another passing phase in the never-ending cycle of crazy food creations?

It's too early to tell, but it looks like it's just the beginning for Eulberg and his wife.

"We did get a solicitation for a casting for a cooking competition show, called ‘Frankenfood’ – so we’ll be recreating it on the weekend after Christmas."