Is this the country's most expensive cup of coffee?

If you think Starbucks is expensive, you might want to steer clear of Extraction Lab coffee shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.

A new brew is now being served at the high-end cafe-- and it's selling for $18 a cup, making it one of the most expensive coffees in the country.

Why is it so pricey? The coffee is brewed by a machine designed by manufacturing company Alpha Dominiche. The “steampunk” machine – worth a few thousand bucks – is operated via an Android tablet and preset with conditions geared to bring out the best flavor of each coffee or tea that’s sold.

“For us, it is about showcasing the process," Alpha Dominiche CEO Thomas Perez told FOX 5.

“We're here to help and we want to make sure whatever coffee you pick, you walk out of here and say, 'wow, that was amazing coffee and next time I come back I want to try this coffee,’” Perez continued.


That help comes in the form of almost 80 different teas and about 15 different coffees, both brewed on a rotating basis.

“Who knows what Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee is, but we want to tell people what it is and enrich them to learn about coffee and allow them to pick whatever coffee they like and explain why,” Perez said of the method behind the coffee.

The goal, he said, is to get consumers to taste coffee the way it’s brewed around the globe.

The move to provide customers with unique coffee is picking up steam. Last summer, a coffee unveiled in Australia was said to be so potent that it would leave drinkers with around 18 hours of “up time.” A small amount of that coffee retailed for around $8.

But if pricey coffee beans aren’t your thing, don’t fret. The regular coffee at Extraction Lab starts at just $3 a cup.