Domino's 'superhero' delivery man who chased down thief honored by NYPD

Only in New York, kids.

A Domino's Pizza bicycle delivery man was honored by the NYPD for serving up a slice of justice to a would-be thief last month, stopping the Upper West Side crook in his tracks — and still managing to deliver the order on time.

On Tuesday, NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill and 20th precinct Commanding Officer, Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin, presented Domino’s staffer Alou Bathily with an award for his “local neighborhood superhero” efforts in helping halt a crime.


In late March, 21-year-old Bathily was transporting an order when NYPD officers spotted a suspect from a recent robbery and started giving chase.

Seeing the commotion, Bathily shouted the now-legendary line, “I’ll stop him, officers!” and kicked into gear, speeding ahead of the suspect and blocking his path with the bike, according to a Facebook post shared by the precinct.

The do-gooder told CBS New York he jumped off his bike and “sat on [the suspect] on the floor” until officers arrived, though the NYPD has not confirmed that claim.

The suspect, identified as Lovell Ambrister, was charged with robbery, forgery, petit larceny, and trademark counterfeiting, CBS confirmed, and booked into jail.

Police confirmed that the delivery man’s actions delayed Ambrister long enough for officers to apprehend him.

NYPD Chief Terrence Monahan wrote on Twitter that the Domino’s staffer arrived in America two months ago, describing his valor in assisting New York’s Finest as exemplary of “what makes NYC great.”

Reps for Dominos previously told Fox News they were “very proud” to count the Bathily as one of their employees.

Reps for Dominos previously told Fox News they were “very proud” to count the Bathily as one of their employees. (Reuters)

Mayor Bill de Blasio even chimed in on the matter, exalting Bathily as a “hero” and credited the delivery man with being the “only reason” New Yorkers should consider eating Domino’s pizza, period.


“And yes, [Bathily] saved the day twice. Stopping the robber, and still managing to deliver the pie in 30 minutes or less,” the NYPD wrote on Facebook in announcing the award.

Meanwhile, reps for Dominos previously told Fox News they were “very proud” to count Bathily as one of their employees.

"We are certainly very proud of this driver and his actions that made a difference in his local community," a spokesperson said on April 8.


Commenters, meanwhile, were delighted to learn that the local hero had been properly recognized for his gallantry.

“I think this young man needs to apply at NYPD,” one Facebook user exclaimed.

“I find this hard to believe. A New Yorker getting pizza from Dominoes?” a cynic joked. “Musta been a tourist. On a serious note, well done Alou!”

“This is the part of New York you don't hear about too often,” another fan agreed.

Fox News’ Michael Bartiromo contributed to this report.