Video of Kate Upton dancing banned on YouTube

2012 Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton was asked to show off her dance moves on camera, but they were so raunchy, the video was banned on YouTube, The Sun reports.

Upton, 19, was demonstrating how to do the "Cat Daddy" - created for the hip-hop track of the same name.

The moves saw her gyrating suggestively in a red bikini to the sound of The Rej3ctz's track and the supermodel cover girl did such a great job, YouTube banned the clip for breaching its nudity policy.

Even though she isn't naked.

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Kate agreed to the demo while at a photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar and ended her teasing demonstration with the words: “That's it, that's all you guys need.”

And apparently more than YouTube did.

UPDATE: After removing the video Tuesday, YouTube put it back on their service Wednesday with one catch: you now have to be (or at least say you are) 18 to view it there.

See the NSFW banned video at The Sun web site.