V. Stiviano: 'One Day I Will Be President Of The United States Of America'

The woman whose recordings led to Donald Sterling’s fall from grace does not seem to be stepping away from the limelight. In fact, she said she wants to be president.

Cameramen caught up with V. Stiviano wearing her now-trademark face visor coming out of La Brea Avenue restaurant in Los Angeles, where she claimed she would eventually rule the free world.

“One day, I will become president of the United States of America and I will change the legislation and laws…” she said, according to the video posted on TMZ. “Modern-day history, Civil rights movement.”

The 31-year-old, who was accompanied by a burly bodyguard and an entourage wear “V. Stiviano” caps, also agreed with one photographer’s compliment that she was “bigger than Angelina Jolie.” But she suggested that her 15 minutes of fame were ticking away.

“Just today, just today, guys,” Stiviano said.

Sterling’s ex-gal pal legally changed her name in 2010 from Maria Vanessa Perez, citing as her reason: “Born from a rape case and haven’t yet been fully accepted because of my face.”

In her now infamous recorded conversation with Sterling, Stiviano told him she was “black and Mexican” when he chastised her for “associating with black people.” He then told her to not bring any black guests to his Clippers’ games.

These comments prompted NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to announce that the 80-year-old Sterling would be permanently banned from the league and was fined him $2.5 million for his “deeply offensive and harmful” remarks.

Stiviano’s lawyer, Mac Nehoray, recently told the Los Angeles Times that she never had a romantic or sexual relationship with Sterling and that while she recorded the conversation, she did not make it public.

“Someone released it for money,” said Nehoray, adding that they have an idea who leaked the recording, but would not identify the person.

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