The X Factor: Simon Cowell Plays Cupid With Paul Abdul and Andy Silikovitz; Jor-El Garcia Disappoints

Thousands of X Factor hopefuls tried their luck at auditions in Newark, New Jersey – but few were as memorable as Andy Silikovitz.

Silikovitz, 43, who told the show's judges that he's "never had a girlfriend," bombed his audition. But he almost walked out, thanks to Simon Cowell, with perhaps something more valuable – Paula Abdul's phone number.

"I don't think I've ever kissed a girl before," Silikovitz revealed. “If I win this whole thing, with all the money I’d have and all the fame I’d have, maybe [I’ll] get a lot of girls.”

Finding Silikovitz funny and somewhat charming, Cowell encouraged him to set his eyes on Abdul.

“Who knows, maybe today you can also find someone who is single,” Cowell said pointing at Abdul.

After applauding the bachelor, Cowell went a step further and told him to get off the stage and pursue Abdul.

“You want to pull this number?” Cowell said jokingly. “I think we should just allow these two love birds time on their own.”

"I think they clicked," Cowell said after the audition.

Following Silikovitz was the eccentric singer Jor-El García, whose attempt to recreate Madonna's “Lucky Star” bombed.

“I think I got The X Factor because I can perform my butt off on stage,” García said.

Cowell disagreed.

“The singing was terrible,” said Cowell. “I think the dancing was possibly worse.”

With auditions over, the chosen contestants move on to The X Factor boot camp, where they will be divided into four categories: boys, girls, over 30's and groups.

The judges will be given a category, which they will mentor for the rest of the season.

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