Super Bowl commercials: Washington Post taps Tom Hanks, 'Game of Thrones' and Pepsi make splashes

Tom Hanks narrated the first-ever Super Bowl ad for The Washington Post, showcasing the importance of journalism and the Jeff Bezos-owned publication's slogan, "Democracy dies in darkness."


The spot aired in the fourth quarter and was one of the only commercials not to previously be released online.

The advertisement showed several journalists who'd gone missing or been killed, including Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul in October; Austin Tice, who's been missing in Syria for six years; and Marie Colvin, an American war correspondent for The Sunday Times of London, who was killed in Syria in 2012.

Deadline estimates that The Washington Post spent upwards of $5 million for the ad.

Thankfully, there was also lighter fare.


"Game of Thrones" teamed up with Bud Light for a battle between The Mountain and "Bud Knight" — and it doesn't end well for Knight, nor for the audience, which gets torched by a dragon.

Harrison Ford and Ilana Glazer starred in an ad for Amazon's Echo, in which the "Bladerunner" star learns the hard way that Alexa shouldn't let his dog order its own chow.

In an ad for Bubly sparking waters, Michael Buble is exasperated at how closely his name is pronounced with the brand.

Zoe Kravitz dabbled in ASMR for a Michelob Ultra commercial, showcasing the beer's organic properties.

Pepsi, which sponsored the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show, had a series of ads starring Steve Carell, but by far its most popular commercial featured not just "The Office" star, but also rappers Lil' Jon and Cardi B, each delivering their own unique takes on "OK."

Sarah Jessica Parker reprised her role as Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" — and shocked everyone in the bar when, instead of ordering her character's signature cosmopolitan, opted for a Stella Artois ... and got some company from Jeff Bridges, who reprised his iconic role as "The Dude" from "The Big Lebowski."

Jason Bateman took guests on what may well have been the elevator ride from hell, with stops including jury duty, a vegan dinner party and a root canal.

Sarah Michelle Gellar returned to her horror beginnings in a commercial for Olay, in which a masked intruder stalks her in her home — but this guy clearly didn't know who he was up against. The ad was aptly hashtagged "#killerskin."

Luke Wilson was a "close talker" in an ad for Colgate Total SF toothpaste. He previously told Fox News that his Super Bowl commercial was "nerve wracking" and that these were the most difficult lines he's ever had to memorize.

Former New York Yankee turned Mr. Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, starred in a spot for Mr. Peanut with another nut — Charlie Sheen:

Christina Applegate embraced her sweet tooth in an ad for M&M's chocolate bar. She stars as a driver for the candy-shell coated chocolates who's had about enough of her colorful passengers

Tony Romo got lazy in a Skecher's ad:

Adam Levine (who also performed at the Halftime Show with his band Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi) appeared in a Pampers ad with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen:

A man uses God-like powers to summon Ludacris to a party — among other things — in a Mercedes-Benz spot:

Adam Scott and rapper 2 Chainz appear in an ad for the app Expensify, with the rapper even recording a song for the commercial.

Chance the Rapper remixed the Backstreet Boys' classic "I Want It That Way" for a bizarre Doritos commercial.

Serena Williams serves up some women's empowerment for Bumble.

Antoinette "Toni" Harris shattered perceptions and glass ceilings for Toyota.

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, promoted ADT home security.