ABC’s ‘Modern Family ‘ is a very popular show in it’s own right. Yes, the script writers do a solid job creating hilarious material for the actors to work with.

But it's the actors' comedic skills that make the scripts come to life.

As with any popular show, the fans not only live for the onscreen content but follow the personal lives of the cast as well.

Add a tall, gorgeous Colombian to the mix, and you have fans for life. Sofia Vergara, a.k.a. Gloria Delgado Pritchett, might not be married in real life, but that’s soon to change.

Vergara began dating hunky actor Joe Manganiello summer of last year before getting engaged this past Christmas. Now, all her fans can talk about is the pending nuptials of the attractive duo.

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How did the confident brunette know that the man she dated for a short period of time was the one she’d be with forever?

“You know it’s like everything," she told Fox News Latino. "Like if you meet the person, and you get excited, and you find out when you start dating them that they have so many things in common if they’re, you know, easygoing and a lot of similiarities. You know, the same thing.”

Assuming that the rest of the cast is invited to Vergara's wedding, what gift would they give the lovely couple and why?

“What do you buy Sofia Vergara?” mused Ariel Winter. “Maybe the biggest box of hot tamales on the planet because she loves them, and we used to share them,” she told Fox News Latino.

Vergara’s son on the show, Rico Rodriguez, took a more diplomatic approach.

“I just can’t buy her any gift. I have to make it perfect. So I’d probably have to subtly ask her,” he said.

With Winter offering a practical gift and Rodriguez indecisive, what might Julie Bowen give?

“Time,” she told FNL. "Honestly, I would put time in a box. That poor woman needs to sleep. She works too hard.”

With an upcoming wedding, the show and a new movie, "Hot Pursuit" with Reese Witherspoon, coming out, we couldn’t agree more.