Shia LaBeouf is spending 24 hours in an elevator

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Shia LaBeouf occupied a British passenger elevator for a full 24 hours and live-streamed the performance art experience — titled #ELEVATE — to thousands of online viewers.

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Collaborating with artists Nastja Sade Rönkkö and Luke Turner, LaBeouf invited small groups of people to participate by hanging out with the trio inside the elevator at the Oxford Union, a debating society near the famed university that has hosted Albert Einstein, Anna Wintour and Mother Teresa.

“Part of the democratic nature of the performance the trio are exploring is this very odd social feel of who goes in the elevator, how many people can fit inside, how long do you spend in there,” explained Jack Lennard, a spokesperson for the Union. “Part of the art project in itself is there is no real set time limit or set amount of people who can go in at any one time.”

Visitors to LaBeouf’s project — which ended at 9 a.m. Saturday — didn't go too far. When the doors closed, the elevator that normally serves two floors remained stationary until one of the artists chooses to let in the next group.

This isn’t the first marathon stunt the “Transformers” star has live-streamed. Last November, the Internet voyeur parked himself in front of a webcam at the Angelika Film Center in NYC for three days as he watched his entire filmography in reverse chronological order.

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