Selena Gomez's Alleged Stalker Continues To Be A Threat, Police Say

More concern for Disney star Selena Gomez.

LAPD's Threat Management Unit believes a man who already has a restraining order against him for allegedly stalking Gomez is once again a threat to the young star.

In a search warrant obtained by FOX 11 News, the unit says it is actively trying to find Thomas Brodnicki, who just last month sent Gomez an email in violation of that restraining order.  The LAPD unit says the email indicates that "Brodnicki continues to be obsessed with and fixated on" the actress. It further quotes the email, stating that Brodnicki tells Gomez that "I love you more with each passing day" and he details a time and place to meet her after the restraining order expires. The LAPD says it is essential to find Brodnicki to safeguard Gomez from "physical harm, due to Brodnicki's prior death threats".

In September of 2011, Brodnicki was arrested and charged with felony stalking after he travelled from Illinois to California and tried several ways to contact Gomez, including trying to gain entry to Disney Studio property. In the search warrant, police detail their interview with him at the time: "Brodnicki made delusional statements that he and (Gomez) were involved in a relationship and destined to be together…Brodnicki expressed a delusion fixation…and made several statements that he intended to kill (Gomez)." Stalking charges were later dismissed for insufficient evidence, but a restraining order against him was issued. It remains in effect through January of next year and specifically prohibits him from contacting her in any form, including email.

According to the search warrant, Brodnicki has a history of stalking arrests and convictions in Illinois and Iowa. According to police records, Brodnicki was sentenced to three years in jail in Illinois for stalking a waitress in a Chicago suburb. Court documents show that he had harassed her for more than eight years.

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