Selena Gomez Prank Leaves Lady Gaga Fuming, Report Says

Selena Gomez's prank may bring out the monster in Lady Gaga.

Gomez, who hosted the MTV EMA Awards in Belfast, Ireland, Sunday night, mocked Mother Monster by wearing a pink poodle wig resembling Gaga’s elaborate choice of hair in past times. Gaga was reportedly less than amused by the playful dig.

According to the U.K.’s Mirror tabloid, an undisclosed source told the daily that “there was a chill in the air” after Gomez pulled the prank.

“Everybody was holding their breath, nervous about how Gaga would take the dig,” the source told the English newspaper.

“Gaga was fuming at Selena’s slight at her,” the source continued. “She took it personally.”

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The source also dished to the tabloid that Gomez “was not allowed anywhere near Gaga backstage,” after the incident.

The source added that Gaga was “stunned” and “couldn’t believe Selena had gone there.”

“She takes her art very seriously,” the source said.

Gomez, 19, tried to make amends with Gaga, saying she was trying to compliment Mother Monster on her fashion sense.

“It’s no secret I want to dress like her,” Gomez said, according to Mirror.

Lady Gaga took home awards for “Best Song” and “Best Video” for her "Born This Way."

"Thank you so much, I love you so much. I'm so grateful,” Gaga said under her elaborate ensemble that covered her entire face. “I'm really smiling right now, but I know you can't tell."

The “Poker Face” singer joked that she had gotten an excessive amount of Botox on her face, before thanking her “little monsters” for all the support with her “Born This Way” single.

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