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Around the World: 11/23

A bomb plot on police headquarters in Ireland ; China blames overcrowding for horrible mining accident

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  1. Provocative Launch

    North Korea test-fires short-range missiles

  2. After the Show Show: An Irish Treat

    Authentic music from Ireland

  3. How Does GOP Plan to Cut Spending?

    Rep. Jordan lays out where Washington can trim the fat

  4. Control Spending or Face 'Apocalyptic Pain'?

    Sen. Coburn says out-of-control debt could deal devastating blow to economy

  5. Around the World: Surf in the City

    Surfers in Munich use one of the city’s rivers to ride waves

  6. Teenager Accused of Murder for Hire Plot on Parents

    Murder conspiracy plot foiled in Tennessee

  7. Economic Checkup

    All-Star panel on health of U.S. economy

  8. Obama Administration Changing Tone on Libya?

    New developments surrounding North African nation

  9. Secret Talks to End Afghan War?

    Taliban, Afghan leaders reportedly holding high-level meetings

  10. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/1

    Winnera dn losers of 2010

  11. Petraeus' Positive Prognosis

    All-Star panel reacts to general's outlook for Afghanistan

  12. Are Tax Dollars Being Used to Pay Off the Enemy?

    Lt. Col Tony Shaffer weighs in on the War in Afghanistan

  1. From Ireland with Love: Folk Music from Emerald Isle

    Frankie Gavin and De Dannan perform on 'Fox & Friends'

  2. Obama's 'Missed Opportunity' at State of the Union

    Karl Rove breaks down president's speech, responses

  3. Protests Turn Violent Over Austerity Cuts in Brussels

    EU Parliament member Daniel Hannan on financial crisis hitting Europe , Libyan conflict

  4. The One Thing: 11/30

    California is in the same sad shape as Dubai

  5. Republican Response to State of the Union

    Rep. Paul Ryan stresses need to 'restrain federal spending'

  6. Money Man

    Daniel Hannan on the EU and Greece

  7. Extreme Weather

    U.K. flooding prompts hundreds to evacuate homes

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