'Retaking America' by Nick Adams

FROM THE PUBLISHER: “Retaking America is an inspiring analysis of why America remains the moral beacon for faith and freedom in the world. A fun, engaging read, with an exciting and needed call to combat political correctness. Young Aussie Nick Adams hits this one out of the park.”
- Ralph Reed, Faith & Freedom Coalition

Political correctness has ripped through America, turning life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into lifelessness, suppression and the pursuit of mediocrity. Meanwhile, Europe is in its death throes, completely infected by the political correctness disease.

Australian Nick Adams believes only America has the cure. But the race is on. Will America be able to save itself in time, and lead a stunning turnaround–or will it succumb to a European fate?

With creativity, flair and his trademark wit, Australian Nick Adams deftly exposes why political correctness is behind every problem in America today, and why it is every American’s patriotic duty to defy politically correct mandates. He explains Americans face a momentous choice in this election year, and lays out a roadmap for an American renaissance.