Recap: 'The Good Wife' flirts with sexy investigator

[Spoiler alert!  The following contains spoilers from "The Good Wife"]

"The Good Wife" fans were heartbroken for Alica Florrick (Julianna Margulies) last season when her dreamy fellow legal eagle bar companion Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode) told her he was reconciling with his estranged wife.

Goode left the show but things are looking up for Alicia as Sunday's episode introduced the sexy new character Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a private investigator who flirts with the attorney as she considers hiring him.

Alicia realizes she needs an investigator when, through bond court, she picks up client Eric Barsetto, who was charged with vandalism for attacking a photograph with a hammer at a Chicago museum.

It turns out Eric's mother Phyllis (Amy Irving) took nude pictures of him when he was just a boy of 8 and the museum is exhibiting the photos as "art."

But Eric says being the subject of his mom's photography has brought him nothing but grief. He's been traumatized with unwanted attention from pedophiles and wants the exhibit stopped.

Alicia and her new bond court lawyer friend Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) team up to take on the museum (represented by attorney Nancy Crozier, played by Mamie Gummer), arguing in court that it shouldn't be allowed to exhibit what amounts to child pornography.

Wanting more information on Eric and his family, Alicia interviews three investigators and although Jason intrigues her with his soulful glances and rough-around-the-edges charm (and gets the thumb's up from daughter Grace), she winds up hiring a young female P.I.

However, investigator Amanda is no Kalinda Sharma (the much-missed Archie Panjabi) – she promptly screws up the case and by episode's end, Alicia is begging Jason to take her place.

Even though Alicia's former firm, Lockhart, Agos & Lee has offered Jason $250 an hour, he ultimately agrees to work for her for much less.

"I'm sorry I didn't hire you immediately," she tells Jason, who replies, "I believe in second chances."

Also on the episode, Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) apologizes to Alicia's husband Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) for spewing rage after the Governor dropped him from his presidential campaign in favor of political maven Ruth Eastman (Margo Martindale).

As viewers know, Peter plans to enter the race for President only to be chosen as Vice President by likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Eli bids Peter goodbye and as he's leaving the office, Ruth tells the former chief of staff she'll destroy him if he comes near Peter again.

She also orders Eli's former assistant Nora to spy on him for her. But later, Nora, still loyal to Eli, tells him about Ruth's machinations.

Once again, Peter tries to convince Alicia not to use Eli as her own chief of staff but the good wife reminds him, "You need me…You want to be Hillary's Vice President. The way to do that is by showing you have a happy family, a family that overcame your sexual indiscretions because your wife forgave you and continues to forgive you."

All Peter can do is agree, and later, Eli persuades Alicia to apologize to Democratic Party chairman Frank Landau to mend fences after her election scandal.

Eli promises her eating crow will just be a temporary setback, as she'll be forcing him out of his job later!

During the meeting, Alicia apologizes to Frank for complaining about the party and Eli asks him to write a letter clearing her of any wrongdoing in the election scandal.

Frank says he'll do even better, offering her a post on the election board.

But in a private meeting with Alicia (with a fuming Eli standing outside), the party boss tells Alicia he will need her to vote "no" on the first vote she takes—no matter what.

Later, Peter tells Ruth that Landau is supporting Alicia. He praises Eli for arranging it and urges Ruth to give him a congratulatory call.

Also on Sunday's episode, the younger associates at Lockart, Agos & Lee complain to Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) about aging attorney Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler) sleeping through cases while taking most of the credit and money.

After Cary suggests to Howard that he go to a part-time "emeritus" status with the firm, the angry senior lawyer gives Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) and David Lee (Zach Grenier) a he-goes-or-I-go ultimatum.

"The Good Wife" airs Sunday on CBS.