Oscars 2015: Dakota Johnson wants mom Melanie Griffith to see '50 Shades of Grey'

Dakota Johnson and her famous mom Melanie Griffith differ on whether Griffith should see her daughter's racy bondage movie "50 Shades of Grey," which has topped the box office its first two weeks in theaters.

Griffith accompanied Johnson on Sunday's Oscar red carpet, and reporters asked Griffith if she'd seen "50 Shades" yet.

"No," Griffith said. "I think that would be strange."

Johnson is nude and in several sex scenes in the film. But her daughter wasn't having it.

"I'm like, you can see it," Johsnon said. "It's acting!"

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Griffith relented, but maybe just for the cameras.

"Well if my daughter says I should see it, maybe will."

Earlier Griffith, 57, was beaming as she watched Johnson, 25, get photographed on the carpet.

"I am a very proud mom," she said.