Olivia Munn: Wonder Woman's Costume Does Not Define Her Patriotism

The Wonder Woman costume-change kerfuffle continues!

Many fans of the sexy superhero were outraged when DC Comics released drawings in June showing the iconic defender's costume had changed from the patriotic design she had worn for decades to a new, more nation-neutral style that featured - gasp! - leggings.

“One of the reasons I fell in love with the character of Wonder Woman in the first place, back when I was a kid, had a lot to do with the visual aesthetic of her costume being inspired by the American flag,” Antony Coukos, Wonder Woman collector and curator of ExperiencetheWonder.com, said at the time. “Rendering the patriotic elements of her classic hero costume to ‘accessories’ that look be-dazzled onto the clothing ... definitely seems to portray Wonder Woman less as the Ambassador of Peace we have come to love over the past 70 years.”

An overwhelming majority of those who responded to our FOX411.com poll agreed.

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"Attack of the Show!" host Olivia Munn, who also penned a memoir titled "Suck It, Wonder Woman!," however, does not.

FOX411.com talked to Munn and the Comic-Con comic book convention in San Diego and asked her what she thought of Wonder Woman's new duds.

"Isn't the patriotism in your heart? Why do you have to wear it on your sleeve?" Munn asked rhetorically. "Like, can't she just be that person? She still is. She's Wonder Woman! She's f**king saving the world! She's not just saving America, she's saving the f**king world! And she's wearing a great outfit and she's kicking ass. She doesn't need to wear a f**king star to be a f**king patriot."

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Munn also had a more personal reason for endorsing the costume change.

"I wish the makeover had happened when I was doing my Wonder Woman skits," she said. "Hot pants aren't fun. You don't want people taking pictures from behind."

DC Comics also defended the change, albeit with less cursing.

“We at DC Comics are exceedingly proud of Wonder Woman’s heritage and Superman’s heritage as iconic symbols of American patriotism," the rep told FOX411.com. "Suggestions that any costume changes within their 70 plus years of rich storytelling come at the expense of this heritage are unfounded."