Meghan McCain asks Twitter followers to share dad stories ahead of Father's Day

Meghan McCain urged her Twitter followers on Wednesday to share stores of their deceased fathers ahead of Father's Day.

"Anyone else out there who is dreading Father’s Day this Sunday - I feel you, and have been trying to come up with something positive to do Sunday. So, I want you to feel free to share #deaddadsclub stories on my timeline and I will share it. Maybe we will all feel less alone?" tweeted McCain, a co-host on "The View" and the daughter of late Sen. John McCain.

McCain was close to her father, a Vietnam War hero who served for 35 years in Congress and was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee before dying of brain cancer in August of last year. Meghan McCain has shared several videos and images in remembrance of her father since his death.

In April, McCain revealed she hadn't been home to Arizona since her father's passing. Last month, she lambasted President Trump after the White House requested the Navy hide the USS John McCain during Trump's state visit to Japan.

"It's impossible to go through the grief process when my father who has been dead for 10 months is constantly in the news cycle because the president is so obsessed with the fact that he's never going to be a great man like he was," McCain said at the time.

Several Twitter users replied to McCain's request, posting photos of their fathers with short tributes.

"My Dad 86, died from cancer 6.25.18. I was former Navy. Retired from 2nd career 10 days before he passed. He was the best Dad to his only child, me. I was blessed to have a Dad who loved me unconditionally. He loved his grandchildren, great grandkids and son in law," one user replied.

"When I became part of the . Dad was a son, brother, soldier, husband, dad, papa, heart transplant survivor, my first love! 2 years have passed since I last saw you, last heard your voice, last held your hand. I miss you everyday! Always in my heart!" another wrote.

"My dad died on 8/15/18 after a 3 1/2 year battle with cancer. I treasure my memories of him. He did not want us to mourn, but remember him in simple ways. He was a proud US Marine. My heart is broken," tweeted another.


"He would always call me peanut. Even in my 30s," one woman posted.